ASF Corporate Treasurer Overview

The ASF's Treasurer is an executive officer with responsibility for managing our corporate finances, including directing and overseeing payments recieved and paid, and ensuring appropriate financial processes are followed.
The Treasurer submits a monthly report to the board, and works closely with our accounting firm Virtual, Inc.

ASF Bill Payment Process

Apache officers with an approved annual budget should submit and approve expenses within their area of responsibility. Most questions should go to the privately-archived operations@ mailing list. See also: the private /repos/private/foundation/Finances repository for more procedures.

Bill Processing Overview

  • Officers recieving invoices should check them into /repos/private/financials/Bills/received/ or use Whimsy to upload PDFs
  • An approving Officer should svn mv approved invoices into the /repos/private/financials/Bills/approved/ directory
  • The accounting firm collects all invoices approved by the fifteenth of the month
  • The Treasurer releases all payments, and the accounting firm issues payments at the end of the month
  • Once funds are released, the invoice is moved to /repos/private/financials/Bills/paid/ directory
  • In this way, all steps are logged by commit messages

Frequently Asked questions

1. I've received an invoice that the ASF needs to pay, what should I do?

Place it into Bills/received. If you like, there is a convenient web interface for this function.

2. I've made a payment and need to be reimbursed. What should I do?

Place a scan of a receipt or whatever documentation you might have into Bills/received. If necessary, accompany this with a text file that explains how payment should be made. If this results in multiple files that need to be processed as one transaction, please create a new directory for this and place the files there.

3. I'm an officer of the ASF with responsibility for a budget. How do I arrange for payments to be made?

Monitor the Bills/received directory and move bills that need to be paid into the Bills/approved directory. Please indicate the budget item against which this bill should be accounted for in the svn commit message.

4. What happens to bills approved after the 15th of the month?

Bill approved after the 15th will normally get picked up in the following month.

5. I'm an officer of the ASF with responsibility for a budget and I have a bill that can't wait until the end of the month. What should I do?

First, move the bill to Bills/approved, then send an email to asking for an out of band payment

6. How does the ASF pay bills?

Generally US domestic bills are paid by ACH, and other bills are paid by international wire. In rare cases, checks will be mailed out. Procedurally, Virtual enters the payments and then either the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer releases those payments. Neither the Treasurer nor the Assistant Treasurer have direct access to funds in Citizens.

7. How can I verify that a bill has been paid?

Upon payment, bills are moved to the Bills/paid directory.